Top Tips for a Successful Test

Last Updated: May 26, 2016 02:56PM PDT

Welcome to the UserTesting Panel!  We’re excited to have you on board and we can’t wait to get you testing!

We’ve put together the following list of sure-fire tips to help you have a good testing experience.  Following these next steps will get you off on the right foot and help you get a good customer rating. Testers with higher ratings will see more testing opportunities.

1.  Login to your dashboard and listen for the to alert you of a new test.  

2.  Before you accept a test:

  • Read and understand any Requirements to make sure that you qualify.
  • If there’s a screener, honestly answer any questions.

This part is REALLY IMPORTANT.  If you complete a test when you don’t meet requirements, it will be a waste of your time as well as the customer’s. You'll get a 1-star rating, won’t get paid and may be removed from the panel.

  • Make sure you close any chat windows or other private information that you don’t want recorded.

3.  Before you start your first task

  • Take a minute to read and understand the Scenario so you have the right frame of mind for the test.

4.  While recording a test:

  • Monitor your audio.  You should see the microphone icon fluctuate, as you speak your thoughts out loud. If you see the red alert icon, that means your audio is too loud and may be distorted.  If you don’t see the microphone icon fluctuate when you speak, then there is no audio.  If you can’t resolve your problem, please QUIT the test by clicking on the "?" symbol or "Help" button and contact support if you need assistance.

  • Read each task carefully and complete it as best as you can before you click “Next”.  Customers often need you to complete tasks in a certain order so it’s important not to stray from the tasks or click ahead before you are done.
  • Don’t just read what you see, explain what you’re thinking so the viewer knows why you like or dislike something.  Customers rate videos based on how helpful they are so the more detailed feedback that you can provide, the more likely you will receive a high rating.
  • Finally, if you ever run into a problem on a test and you can’t start or complete most of the tasks, click the "?" symbol or “Help” button to report a problem.  Click here to learn more.

That’s it!  We hope you have a great testing experience!  For even more helpful tips, we  recommend that you watch our Testers’ Best Practices video and visit our Facebook page for important updates, contests, and polls.
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