Different Types of Tests

Last Updated: May 06, 2016 03:41PM PDT
You will encounter many different types of tests and we want you to be prepared so you can have a successful test. Below are the most common ones:
Computer Tests
These tests are completed on a Mac or a Windows computer. Most of the time, you’ll be providing feedback on a website.


Operating system: Windows 7, 8 or 10.
Memory: At least 1 GB of total RAM and 0.5 GB of available RAM.
Free disk space: At least 7 GB of free disk space.
Browser: Internet Explorer 11, Firefox 45, or Chrome 49.
Operating system: OS X 10.7 or higher
Memory: At least 1 GB of total RAM and 0.5 GB of available RAM.
Free disk space: At least 7 GB of free disk space.
Browser: Firefox 45, Safari 8, or Chrome 49.
Length: 15-20 minutes
Payments: $10 per test

Mobile Tests (using the UserTesting app)
Love being on your phone or tablet? If so, this will be perfect for you! These are completed through our UserTesting mobile app, which is designed to be used on an Android or iOS device.

  • Must be on at least iOS 8 or Android 4.0
  • iPhone 5, 5c, 5s, 6, 6 Plus, 6s, or 6s Plus
  • iPad 3, 4, iPad Air, or iPad Air 2
  • iPad Mini or Mini 2
  • Most Android devices
Length: 15-20 minutes
Payment: $10 per test

PEEK Tests
Peek tests are a quick way for prospective customers to get a snippet of what you think of their app or website.  Even though they take only 5 minutes to complete, remember to complete the tasks exactly as requested and explain your thoughts to help the customer understand what you're thinking.

Requirements: None    
Length: 5 minutes
Payments: $3 per test

Prototype Tests

Prototype (or wireframe) tests are websites or apps that aren't completely finished yet.  The developers are still tinkering with a concept for their site or app, and want to find out whether or not they're on the right track.  If something doesn't work as you expected, explain what you expected to happen and move on.

Requirements: None
Length: 15-20 minutes
Payment: $10 per test
Mobile Webcam Tests
For these tests, you use a stand-mounted webcam that we provide to record your mobile device.  US testers who have taken at least 10 tests and don’t have any low ratings are eligible to be a webcam tester! You'll see a green button above your dashboard that says, "Become a webcam tester!" Fill out the information out with your shipping address and you’ll be sent an IPEVO camera within 2 weeks.  For more information on how to get started as a webcam tester, please click here.

  • iOS or Android mobile device (will be specified on the test)
  • Our screen recorder on the computer
  • IPEVO webcam (that we provide to eligible testers)
Length: 15-20 minutes
Payment: $15 per test

Recruitment Tests
Recruitment tests are pre-qualifying tests that you take to be considered for future special studies. Please note that you aren’t paid for taking these types of tests, as they are merely to determine if you’re eligible for other studies. The following are some general types that you may become qualified for:
  • Moderated - We have moderators who assist and guide testers during a session. These are usually special circumstances that require more time to set up and take.  Since it requires more time, the payments are typically more.
  • Longitudinal - Also known as diary studies, these may be unmoderated or moderated and may last from a few days to weeks.
Length: varies, usually not more than 5 minutes
Payment: $0.  If selected for a moderated or longitudinal test, payment is typically $40 or more, depending on the amount if time you are asked to spend.
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