How to Report a Problem While Recording

Last Updated: May 27, 2016 04:07PM PDT
From time to time you will encounter an issue within the test that prevents you from moving forward. If you find that you’re unable to proceed with a test for any reason, please report a problem.​

Computer Tests: There are 2 ways to report a problem, or quit out of a test.  

1) Click on the "?" symbol on the task bar.

2) There’s also the "Help" button below the task.

Clicking the "?" symbol or the “Help” button will display the Help menu below.
Your recording will automatically pause so you can select the best option for your needs.

UserTesting App Tests:To report a problem or quit out of a test, tap the "Menu" button, then tap the corresponding option.

Android devices iOS devices


Here's a few examples of situations where you should report a problem with a test:
  • The website you're supposed to test won't load or only shows an error message.
  • You're asked to create an account or perform a specific task on the website, and you're unable to do so for technical reasons.
  • You're asked to provide personal information that wasn't specified on the requirements for the test.
  • You're asked to make public posts on your social media account and this wasn't specified on the requirements for the test.
  • You encounter explicit content which wasn't specified in the requirements for the test.
  • There are too many tasks to complete in 15-20 minutes and the test didn't specify that it was a longer test. 
Report a Problem options:
There is a problem with the website or app and I can't continue the test:

This applies to situations where you may have done some of the test but the error you’re encountering is preventing you from completing all tasks successfully. You should also choose this option if you believe that the test should not be released to other users.  For example, if something is obviously wrong with the test instructions and another user would not be able to complete it successfully or if there are too many tasks to be completed in the allowed time frame.  Be sure to include a description of your problem and which task you were on when it occurred.  You may also want to include relevant details of your computer or mobile device.
The screen recorder isn’t working:

This applies to cases where you’re certain that the technical issue is on your end and not due to a problem in the test. 
Other problem:

This applies to issues like unclear or confusing test instructions, or a test that asks you for personal or financial information and it wasn’t specified in the requirements.  

It can be tricky to decide whether to report a problem that falls into these four categories, so use your discretion. Don't worry if you're confused about which option to choose. The most important thing is to report a problem and not submit (click "Done" on the screen recorder) an incomplete video.


Selecting a problem option will automatically notify us of the problem you encountered and release you from the test. This also prevents the customer from receiving incomplete results and will help you avoid a low rating. You will have the opportunity to include a description of the problem. Please keep in mind that this description will be sent to support AND the customers, so be mindful of what you’re writing here.


In most cases when you report a problem we'll pay you in accordance with the following payment schedule. Keep in mind that we reserve the right to withhold payment or change the payment amount to fit the situation. In addition, the chart is based on the reasonable amount of time a tester would have spent prior to reporting the problem. 
We aren't able to pay you if you submit an incomplete video (where you couldn't complete the test) without reporting a problem.
 Computer    Mobile Webcam   UserTesting App
 Less than 2 minutes   $0 $0 $0
2-4 minutes $3 $5 $3
5-9 minutes $5 $7 $5
10-14 minutes $7 $11 $7
15 or more minutes $10 $15 $10

Peek Tests: Should only take 5 minutes and you will receive $3 for each test you take.
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