Payment and Schedule Information

Last Updated: Oct 19, 2017 03:45PM PDT

PayPal:  All testers are paid through PayPal.  Payment for a 15-20 minute website or mobile recorder test is $10, and $15 for a webcam test.  You must be invited to become a webcam tester.  Click here to learn more.

UserTesting doesn't withhold any taxes from payments.  As a tester, you are an independent contractor and responsible for determining and paying any tax liabilities incurred from payments received by UserTesting.

Payment Time:  Payment is received exactly 7 days after the test is completed, including the time of day.  So if you complete a test at 5:00pm, you should expect to be paid at around 5:30pm, 7 days later.  Occasionally PayPal has 24-48 hour delays on payments, so please wait an extra 48 hours before contacting support about a payment issue since it should resolve itself.

Bonus Payments:  Some test occasionally offer a bonus for completing a longer test or a multi-part study.  In all cases, you should keep a running worksheet of tests you complete, to make sure they appear in your Completed Tests tab and to ensure you are compensated.  This should be done especially for tests with a bonus.  If a test promises a bonus, the payment is generally updated 3-4 days after it's completed. This is because clients need time to watch the videos and ensure that they are satisfied with the test.  Please wait to email regarding your bonus until 5 business days after test completion.  At this point, we can contact the client and post bonuses for test that have been successfully completed.

Changing your PayPal Email:  You can change your PayPal email by clicking on the Your Account drop-down at the top right of your dashboard and selecting Account Information, then click Change PayPal Information.

REMEMBER that payments are sent automatically, 7 days after you complete a test.  If you change your PayPal email AFTER payment is sent, that payment will be sent to your previous PayPal email.  If you have any issues with receiving payment, please contact us at

Canceled Payments:  If a client asks for a refund for your test, then we refund their money, and neither you nor UserTesting gets paid. The most common reasons they ask for a refund are:

  • You did not meet the client’s stated requirements. Although the tests that become available to you are filtered to meet your general demographics, some clients will post special requirements such as “must be a Facebook user” or “must be a small business owner”. The client may not have believed you met that requirement.

  • You did not address all of the requested tasks. A client might require you to do 10 different tasks on their site. If you only complete 9 tasks, they might ask for a refund.

  • The video recording was short and superficial. On average, our clients expect a 15 minute review of their site and they are asked to structure their tasks so they can reasonably be completed in this amount of time. We understand that some tests may have minimal tasks. In these cases, if you still have time after thoroughly addressing the tasks, you could explore the site further, recap any problems found or write a very thorough summary.

  • The Written Summary was not completed. A completed test is composed of both the Video Review and the Written Summary. When a Written Summary has not been submitted, you will see a highlighted message at the top of your account page letting you know which tests are missing written responses. Click the blue test number link to open the form and submit your responses. If you are unable to post your Written Summary, please submit a request via the Contact Us form.
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