What's a Peek test?

Last Updated: Oct 19, 2017 03:30PM PDT

Peek is a service where prospective clients can get a “peek” into their website or mobile app’s usability.

Here’s how it works:

  • Peek tests will show up on your dashboard like any other test. They will be clearly marked as a "Peek Test" in the Requirements.
  • Peek tests should only take you 5 minutes. We're promising clients 5 minutes, so please be sure to get as close to the 5 minutes as you can. And unless you're really enjoying it, there's no reason that you need to go very much over it.
  • All Peek tests have the same 3 tasks. Carefully read each task and complete it exactly as requested.  Don’t skip ahead until you feel you have addressed the task as best as you can. ​Even though the tasks will be the same for each Peek test that you might accept, remember to put yourself in the shoes of someone who would really use the site or app.  If you do this, you will naturally be more focused on the tasks and have more questions and comments, which will result in more helpful feedback for the client.
  • There is one written question at the end.  Do your best to enter answers that are thoughtful, clear and concise.  Don’t make the reader guess what you meant.
  • You will receive $3 for each Peek test you take.

It's extra important to put your best foot forward when completing a Peek test because this is the first time a prospective client experiences our service.  If you rush through a test or don't explain your thoughts well, then they might not sign up. The more clients that we have, the more opportunity you may have to complete tests.

Knock yourself out! You can take as many Peek tests as you like.

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