How-to Video: Completing a Webcam Test

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2017 12:14PM PST

If you're looking to become a webcam tester: We've temporarily stopped shipping cameras out.  When we resume shipment, you'll be able to apply.  We apologize for any inconvenience.

Congratulations on becoming a webcam tester!  Before you complete your first webcam test, we strongly recommend that you watch the video below or read the following section to ensure that your first webcam test goes smoothly.


Tips for Improving Focus and Framing

  • Set the Autofocus (“AF”) switch on your webcam to “S” for “Single”.  Then press the center Focus button to focus. You can refocus in this way whenever you want, before or during the test.

  • Only set the switch to "C" for "Continuous" if the test asks you to pick up your device, such as if you're playing a game. Remember to change the switch back to "S" when you're done.

  • During the test, periodically check to see if the video image is focused and in the frame.

  • Ensure that your device is framed so that you can see the entire device in the video feed.  Adjust the camera downward to minimize the amount of desktop background. Your device should be framed like this:

  • When the webcam is placed properly, the video image on your monitor will be right side up.

Tips for Reducing Reflection and Glare

  • You may want to dim overhead lights and close window shades to reduce light reflection on the screen.

  • Adjust the brightness of your display.

  • Slightly tilting the angle of your screen may help reduce the reflection and glare in the video.

Other Tips

  • Increase the screen timeout setting so the screen won’t turn off during the test.

  • If your battery is low, connect your charger.

  • If you need to enter sensitive information such as a password, move your device away from the camera.

  • Pay close attention to all the pre-test requirements because clients will often put limiting requirements here.

  • If you encounter an unexpected problem like an app crashing or a website not behaving as indicated, be sure to report a problem using the "Help" link on the screen recorder, and include your device information (operating system and model).
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