How to Retrieve Log Files From Your Computer

Last Updated: Oct 19, 2017 03:10PM PDT
What are Log Files? Log files keep track of all the tasks that your computer completes while you are testing. When you are taking a test with us, there's a conversation that takes place between our web server and your web browser. Everything that happens is put into a simple text file called a "log". 
These log files essentially list actions that have occurred. Our Support Team may ask you to send these files over to provide our engineers with important information about what's going on that's preventing the Screen Recorder from launching, causing interruptions to video uploads, etc. Now that the importance of these files are understood, let's get started in finding them!

Where and when to find the log files:
These log files that our engineers need are located in the UserTesting folder. Please follow the instructions below to find the log files on your computer and send them as attachments to  

PC flow:

macOS flow:
If you experienced a technical issue with the Screen Recorder and haven't started a new test yet, you may be able to provide us with the hs error log file. Please include the Test # for the session in which you experienced this issue. 
If you're experiencing general technical issues, you can send us all files with .log found in the folder. 
(launched-0.loglaunched-1.logapp-0.log, etc.)
How to retrieve log files for PC users:
These log files are typically located within the Documents library. 
Step 1) Click on the Start button located at the bottom left corner and use the search field (Windows 7 - it's "Search programs and files", Windows Vista - it's "Start Search"). 
** On Windows 8, the search function/box is located on the charm bar.**
Step 2) Locate the folder by simply typing "UserTesting" into the search field
Step 3) Open up the "UserTesting" folder and you should see the .log files. 
How to retrieve log files for Mac users:
(10.7 and later releases of Mac OS)
Step 1) Click on the "Finder" shortcut on the task bar at the bottom of your screen
Step 2) Select the "Go" menu at the top of the screen
Step 3) While the "Go" menu is opened, hold down the Option key (located on the keyboard) and you should see the new "Library" entry appear on the list.
Step 4) Select "Library" which should bring up a finder window.
Step 5) Find the "UserTesting" folder in that finder window, open the folder and you should see the .log files.

What's next?
After we receive your log files, our engineers will need to review them. The length of the review process will vary depending on the issue. Please be patient with us and we'll be sure to be back in contact with you once we hear from our engineering team.  Thank you for patience!
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