Mobile Testing Tips

Last Updated: Oct 09, 2015 08:08PM PDT
As you probably know, the UserTesting mobile app lets you record on your smartphone or tablet just about ANYWHERE.

While most tests can still be taken while you are in the comfort of your own home, there are many UserTesting customers who want to see you testing while you are out and about -- in a store, or in a downtown area, or on your morning jog.  We call those destination tests, and they can be complicated, so you'll be paid a bonus for your time and effort.

Because this is a newer technology, you may end up in some challenging tests on your mobile devices.

If you want to get a high rating on a mobile test, do the following things:
  • Before you accept a test, be sure you have the memory space on your phone and a reliable Wi-Fi connection nearby.  UserTesting recommends that you have at least 400MB of free space on your device to store your recording.  It's okay if you don't have Wi-Fi while you are out and about testing, but be sure to get back to a Wi-Fi-enabled space before you run out of battery...or you risk losing the recording.  You won't get paid if the client can't watch your video.

  • Read all the instructions very carefully.  This doesn't mean the tasks you see while you are recording; it means the scenario, the download instructions, and any emails you receive regarding the test.  UserTesting works very hard to give you what you need to complete each test successfully, but if you rush into a recording, you might miss vital information about the test and end up with a bad rating.

  • Close out of as many apps as you can while downloading apps and testing.  Between the recording and whatever you are evaluating, your phone is probably working pretty hard during a mobile test.  Make its digital life a little easier, and close any other apps you have running.

  • If at first you don't succeed, try again...but not again and again.  Sometimes, you might get an error when downloading an unreleased app or opening up a prototype.  When that happens, try to repeat the process at least one more time!  If you get the same error twice, go ahead and report a problem.

  • Be considerate.  Remember that a CEO may be watching part of your video.  When you're recording a test, especially in the comfort of your own home, it's tempting to munch on a snack or even run to the bathroom.  Fight the temptation!  Your microphone amplifies all kinds of sounds you make in your home, and it can totally ruin the integrity of your feedback.

  • If you are doing a destination test, avoid recording anyone but yourself.  States, places and people all have different rules and rights when it comes to recording others, so it's best to just avoid recording others.  If a clerk offers to assist you, politely decline or pause the recording to ask for help.  If an establishment asks you to stop recording, follow their instructions and complete the test off of the property.
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