FAQ: Moderated Testing

Last Updated: Nov 28, 2017 12:10PM PST

Occasionally, you may qualify for a moderated test. This means that another person (called a moderator) will talk to you during your test.

Moderated tests are scheduled and, typically, you’ll call in to an online conferencing tool (similar to Skype) using the screen sharing tools. The moderator will guide you through the tasks, observe your screen, and ask follow-up questions. Because there are extra steps that you need to go through in order to take moderated tests, payment is typically $40 or more depending on the amount of time you are asked to spend.

This article will help you get started taking moderated tests, and hopefully answer any questions you might have!

Getting Started

What are the requirements to complete a moderated test?

How do you qualify for a moderated test?

What is a recruitment test?

Step by step recruitment test

Canceling your moderated test

What if you need to cancel your scheduled moderated test?

Will your rating be affected for canceling a moderated test?

Why are we so strict with cancellations?

What to expect during a moderated test

When should you arrive for a moderated test?

Who will you talk to when you join?

When will we see your screen during a moderated test?

What will we see when your share your screen?

Getting Started

  • Good rating. Moderated tests are only available to testers with the highest rating.
  • A good internet connection. Moderated tests require that you have multiple programs open that will take up plenty of your internet speed. We recommend a hard-wired internet connection using your ethernet cable.
  • A phone. For moderated tests you must have a phone (landline or cell phone). A magicjack, Skype phone, or internet phone will NOT suffice.
  • An email address. All of the information needed for the moderated test will be sent to you via email. Please check your email regularly that way you know where to go for your test!
  • Screen sharing tools. Please have the necessary screen sharing tool (Join.me  or GoToMeeting) downloaded and installed before your moderated test.

For more information on how to download and install the screen sharing tools, please click here to read an article on this topic!

How do you qualify for a moderated test?

Before you can take a moderated test, you need to complete an unpaid recruitment test and then be approved by a member of the moderating testing team. Please allow 24 hours for someone to follow up with you.

What is a recruitment test?
A recruitment test is how you sign up and schedule yourself for the moderated test at your preferred time. This test is an unmoderated test in which you record your desktop screen (or mobile device) as you schedule yourself, download and install the screen sharing tools, and complete additional NDA's or surveys.

Example of a recruitment test for a moderated test. Note the “Requirements” section mentions that this is a “recruitment for a moderated test”

For more info on a recruitment test, read the following section or watch an example recruitment test here.

Schedule yourself using YouCanBook.me
  • Sign up for your preferred slot to participate in the moderated test. You’ll be able to access the signup form once you launch the recorder.
Download and install (or open) the appropriate  screen sharing tool (either Join.me or GoToMeeting)
  • You’ll be instructed on how and which program to download and install once you start recording.
  • For instructions on how to setup Join.me and GoToMeeting please read this article.
  • Also check out the “How to Videos”  for videos on how to download and install Join.me and GoToMeeting!
Complete a non-disclosure agreement or pre-qualifying survey.
  • Sometimes you will complete a non-disclosure agreement (or NDA). Please read, review and submit this form.
  • Sometimes you will be asked to complete a pre-qualifying survey to gather more information for the moderator.
Occasionally your recruitment test won’t be accepted. Here are a few reason why:
  • Not all the tasks of your recruitment test were completed. Please be sure to complete all tasks even if you have completed them in a previous recruitment test.
  • The group you are recruited for was filled before your sign up was approved.

If your recruitment test is rejected, have no fear! Your rating will not be affected and there will be plenty of opportunities in the future!

Canceling your moderated test

To cancel your moderated test, please do so via the cancellation link at least 24 hours before your test time. You can find this link in the confirmation link sent to you during scheduling.

If you give us proper notice (24 hours or more), your rating will not be affected. However, , failure to attend or not giving enough notice,  will result in  ineligibility  for future special studies and an automatic 1 star rating
Moderated tests take a lot of time, effort, and coordination to get scheduled. Remember, the researcher and you have to be available at the same time in order for awesome-ness to happen. If you cancel less than 24 hours ahead of your test time, that does not allow adequate time to find another tester and delays the completion of the test. This makes our clients unhappy and causes potentially less moderated studies to be scheduled. 
What to expect during a moderated test
You should join your moderated test 10 - 15 minutes BEFORE your test begins to allow time for troubleshooting and setup. For example, if your test begins at 12 PM, you should join at 11:45 AM.
You will speak with a UserTesting Facilitator or Moderator. This person will make sure you are all set to go for your test. Please feel free to ask this person any questions you may have before the test begins.
The Facilitator will notify you if you will need to share your screen. It will not happen automatically when you join.
What will we see when you share your screen?
Once you share your screen, we will be able to see what is on your primary monitor. That may include your desktop, any icons on your desktop, and any programs or files that you have open on your screen. Please be sure to close or minimize any confidential information/windows before sharing your screen.
During a moderated test, your screen and the conversation taking place will be recorded.
No. In order to be paid, you must successfully complete your moderated test at the time that it is scheduled.
When will the payment for moderated test show up on your dashboard?
Payment for your successful moderated test will appear on your dashboard within 7 days of completing your test.

When will the completed moderated test show up on your dashboard?
A completed moderated test will never appear on your dashboard. For your payment information and record keeping, please refer to the recruitment test you completed during the sign-up process.
Once you successfully complete your moderated test, the payment status of your recruitment test for your moderated test will be changed from “Hold” to “Pending”. This payment should process within 7 days.
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